A Closer Look

I am trying to look closely at something every day. I’d walked through the woods, which was a mistake because it was really muddy and slippery, so when I came out onto the grass at the top of the hill I walked down slowly, getting the mud off my shoes, and half way down I stopped to look at what I was walking on. So much wet grass everywhere, but as always as soon as I started to look, everywhere I looked it was different, and beautiful in a different way.

This practice is a big part of mindfulness. On the same day I came across this on the Wildmind website:

A short practice to enable us to become more Mindful

Take a long in breath – Take a long out breath

Observe a long in breath – Observe a long out breath

Become aware of the present moment

And Just sit –

Let your thoughts arise and cease

And Just sit –

with heart/mind open to the present moment.


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