In the rain

It was raining when I went out this afternoon and I took an umbrella, which made taking photographs difficult and I found it frustrating – even more difficult to get the camera to see the things that I noticed were so different and beautiful when wet. I thought I’d be able to take pictures of the drops of water hanging from branches and twigs, and this proved impossible. It was one of those occasions when I would have looked more closely and appreciated more if I had kept the camera in its case. Balancing the open umbrella on my shoulders and holding it still with my head while holding the camera was harder than I’d thought it would be, and taking pictures one-handed was a pretty hit and miss affair. One of the best things about rain is how the colours of things change, and things like tree trunks become transformed into glistening sinuous forms that are quite unlike their dry selves. Dark surfaces become darker and light things are brighter.

This was so wonderful I had to go back later and take more pictures when the rain had stopped…..


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