Shadow Play

Every now and again, I see something that isn’t really there. Something that’s visible, but which, when you come to think about it, doesn’t actually have an existence in it’s own right – and even as you look at it quite suddenly it can disappear, and reappear just as abruptly…..

Perhaps if the sky had been completely clear and the sun shining without interruption I wouldn’t have been so aware of all the shadows, but as it was they kept coming and going, one moment solidly there and the next minute gone – gently fading into non-existence. As I started to take pictures this became a game – to get into a position where I could take a photograph while the shadows were still there, without putting my own shadow into the picture. I ran from tree to tree and stretched and crouched and hid, and time and time again just as I had myself nicely concealed a cloud would pass in front of the sun and there would be nothing there in front of me but leaves and grass.

This is partly tree, and partly me – and even though immediately afterwards I took another shot with my elbows tucked in and my arms stretched out in front of me so that I was completely hidden, afterwards I still liked this one best. So after publishing a picture of myself almost completely invisible, it seems only fair to come out from behind the tree and finish the game with one that reveals a bit more……


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