Time in the Garden

There now follows an intermission…

In the early days of television here in the UK, the BBC used to fill the gaps in transmission between programmes with short films called Interludes. (Some of these are fondly remembered by those of us who are old enough to recall the slow, quiet pace of broadcasting in those days. The most famous of these interlude films was called The Potter’s Wheel, which I’ve discovered you can find on youtube).

I think that, at the time, we thought the purpose of these films was to provide a time for viewers to relax, take a break from concentrating on the programme we’d been watching and wait for the next. Possibly we would make a cup of tea. (Remember this was before commercial television and ad-breaks).

Looking at the film again now, I found myself wishing that we all had more of this kind of pause built into our everyday experience, that perhaps internet service providers and social networking sites as well as television networks could do more in the way of offering us some moments of peace and quiet, a time to relax and do nothing for a few moments. It’s up to us ourselves to do this, and I know from reading a lot of blog posts how many people understand just how important it is to do!

In the coming weeks I have commitments that are going to mean I’ll have less time for writing posts, so I thought I’d post a series of Interludes; not films, but photographs with not much writing, and so this picture is the first – Time in the Garden – the photo that I cropped to make the header for this blog.


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