Pause, Rewind, Stop

Whenever I’m out, even on the shortest walks, from time to time something will suddenly catch my attention and I’ll slow down, retrace my steps and have a closer look.

This means my walks are often interrupted by numerous unpredictable forays into hedgerows, behind bushes, into alleyways, over fences and sometimes into places where I’m not really supposed to go, like other people’s gardens.

Lurking in the bushes some distance from the footpath or prowling round the back of a deserted building sometimes attracts attention, but usually as soon as people see my camera they know what’s going on and don’t get too worried. When I know I’m being watched I sometimes deliberately start to take more pictures.

The day I spotted these daffodils I nearly missed them altogether, as they were growing on a bank above a high wall –  and I had to hold the camera up above my head at arm’s length to catch them with the background of dark green in the hedge behind. I like being surprised like this, coming across the unexpected; it’s often something quite ordinary and commonplace, something easily overlooked but in it’s own way very special, and it fills me with delight.


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