Blue Sky, Blossom and Bees

On days like this, when there’s hardly a cloud in the sky, I could take photographs just about anywhere and catch something beautiful. Quite often it does feel a bit like fishing, as the sunlight can be so strong that I can’t see much on the screen of my camera and I take what I can as a kind of lucky dip, hoping I’ll get a good catch.

The sun was so warm against this sheltered wall that all kinds of insects were buzzing about the flowers, and I got down on my knees to stalk them. I took lots of pictures and even as I snapped away I knew most of them would fail; you’d think that insects would be easier to photograph than most wild things are, but even though they don’t take fright like squirrels and birds they still move…..

Finally I was lucky. As I was taking this picture a couple of walkers passed by on the road and seeing me crouched down taking pictures one of them called out, “get them to smile!” I smiled back at them and said, “they always do”. As I said it I realised we were all smiling, and that doing things like this, on a day like this, makes you smile effortlessly.

Smiling is one of the most relaxing, healing, and pleasure giving things I know of. To smile inwardly to yourself is like feeling the sun come out inside and bathe you in light. To smile at another person is to give them the same gift.


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