Amazing Taste

I think figs are my favourite fruit. Perhaps because they are not easy to come by in England and are so seasonal, whenever I get the chance to eat one again it’s almost like experiencing it for the first time. And I love that.

But I’ve discovered that however much I love eating figs – or for that matter almost anything – there’s a way they taste even better, in fact, 100% better, so that the taste is not just good, but amazing. It’s incredibly simple. People have been telling me this for years – eat slowly.

Not just slowly in fact, but mindfully – in other words, not just taking for granted what I’m eating, but paying attention.  I’ve always eaten too fast (and often endured the consequences), but I’d never really appreciated what I was missing until recently, when I started to make a conscious effort to eat differently. What a difference it makes!  Toast. Wow! Cheese – incredible. Tomato salad – amazing. It really does feel as if you’re experiencing it for the first time. Which, in a way, you are. No two moments are the same, and being absolutely present in the moment means you are somewhere you have never been before, and will never be again.