Amazing Taste

I think figs are my favourite fruit. Perhaps because they are not easy to come by in England and are so seasonal, whenever I get the chance to eat one again it’s almost like experiencing it for the first time. And I love that.

But I’ve discovered that however much I love eating figs – or for that matter almost anything – there’s a way they taste even better, in fact, 100% better, so that the taste is not just good, but amazing. It’s incredibly simple. People have been telling me this for years – eat slowly.

Not just slowly in fact, but mindfully – in other words, not just taking for granted what I’m eating, but paying attention.  I’ve always eaten too fast (and often endured the consequences), but I’d never really appreciated what I was missing until recently, when I started to make a conscious effort to eat differently. What a difference it makes!  Toast. Wow! Cheese – incredible. Tomato salad – amazing. It really does feel as if you’re experiencing it for the first time. Which, in a way, you are. No two moments are the same, and being absolutely present in the moment means you are somewhere you have never been before, and will never be again.


2 thoughts on “Amazing Taste

  1. I read somewhere a lady wrote about her mother, how she liked to have tea every morning with friends and family. Every day she would say “This is the best cup of tea I’ve ever had!”

    Seemed to me like a pretty good outlook to carry through life.

  2. Seems like a pretty good outlook to me, too. I had been thinking, after writing this post, that there’s something even better than eating this way, and that’s eating this way with friends and family. I don’t know how it is in America but here in the UK people increasingly eat on the run, or sitting in front of the tv, and families often don’t sit down together for a meal for days on end – let alone sit down and really pay attention to each other and the food. We don’t have a celebration like Thanksgiving here, and I wish we did!

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