At My Feet

Some of the things that are most familiar to me – right in front of my very eyes or at my feet – really deserve more of my attention.


I sit on this carpet. I walk over it too, but carefully, in slippers or bare feet. I kneel on it, lie on it, do some of my best resting on it and I think of it as a friend.

Afternoon Carpet

It’s been a haven for me to come home to, a place to settle down. A place to think, or better still, to stop thinking and let go of everything.

I’m sitting here right now, and it’s time to stop writing, time to just sit, do nothing, and watch as the afternoon sun lifts the colours and bathes us in pale gold.


2 thoughts on “At My Feet

    1. Thanks for reblogging my post! I do find that having an oasis of calm and serenity somewhere in the house is a very reassuring thing, and even if (like this carpet) it’s in a spot right in the middle of where other things go on and not a private, secluded place, it can still be a refuge and a good place to be.

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