Finally, They’re Here

I thought that they would never come. This year, later than ever, more desperately longed for. Finally, they’re here.



I lay down carefully among them until I was part of the sea of white and blue and green, and listened to bees buzzing and felt the sun on my face.

2013-04-05 16.11.14

No words can describe the feeling of being among flowers, under a blue sky, after such a winter as we have had. I didn’t seek words; I don’t now, all I want to do is remember this bank of flowers like a wave breaking, remember the wind which is still cold, and the sunlight dancing.


I feel blessed.



7 thoughts on “Finally, They’re Here

  1. These photos are brilliant, the first and fourth are my favourites, but its hard to choose as they are all great. The first one looks almost magical, I want to get lost in there. The fourth one is just bursting with life and freshness 🙂 So good to see the crocuses spring must be here now

    1. It was a magical moment and I’m only glad that I was there, and had my camera so I could share it.I think I was really lucky (and blessed!) with these photos because I really wasn’t concentrating on getting great pictures, I was too busy enjoying the sensation of being there. I’m really glad you could enjoy some of it too!

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