Message in a Bottle


I’ve been publishing posts during the last few weeks from an Android phone. Not from choice, you understand, but from necessity as I am without a computer and an internet connection, and now and again this has led to some false starts and accidents; this post for example got itself published before I’d written anything but the title and required some frantic scrabbling about before I could retrieve it and get it back into a draft. So my apologies to anyone who received notice of it only to find a non-existent entry…..I’m new to all this and I find it exciting but alarming as I grapple with the shock of the new. I am after all a grey haired old thing, even if a dapple-grey.

Having said that, I find it nothing short of miraculous that I can write and insert photographs and publish everything – and all this from a small thing I hold in my hand and which doubles as a camera and numerous other things as well. It all seems like magic to me. I have to remind myself that this is quite normal technology these days, and that just about the only thing this tiny device can’t do is to beam me aboard the starship Enterprise.

Writing blog posts has always felt to me a bit like sending out a message in a bottle. I think it’s part of its appeal – not knowing who might read it and where they might be, or even if it will be read at all or rather sink without trace. It’s all about saying something from the heart and then letting go, in the hope that perhaps it may mean something to someone somewhere – but this remains an unknown, an uncertainty, which I like. I think this is how it should be.

If posts are the messages, WordPress is the ocean, and I’m as grateful for that as I am for the ocean itself. I’ve sometimes retrieved and read messages that have been written, or so it has seemed, especially for me – words that have spoken so clearly with me in mind that I’ve exclaimed out loud.

Thank you all for what you write, for taking the time and for writing from the heart, and for sending them out into the world. Your messages are getting through.


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