About Turn

I confess to being an unorganised writer.

This blog was not planned, the way a website would be. It grew out of personal ramblings and compilations of photographs and sprouted like an untended garden, unevenly and without a clear focus until I began to recognise it for what it was. Only then did I start to publish posts, and its unstructured beginnings are still evident today.

Time for a little housekeeping. Jamie Wallace at her Suddenly Marketing blog wrote a post recently called How to write an About page – 5 steps to get it right that really got me thinking. Even though I am not marketing anything I recognise the need for focus and clarity, and for the courtesy of offering enough information for a reader to feel welcomed. It’s also nice when you visit a blog or a website to be given a bit of orientation and a sense of what else is there. This sort of clearly thought out advice is just what I need from time to time and I pondered long about it before making a few additions to my About page.

Any thoughts?


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