Suddenly, New Worlds


The world just became bigger. In fact it’s exploded into hundreds, if not thousands of new worlds, all just beneath my feet or under my nose.


As I dive into the depths and explore, I lose myself completely in these mysterious places.


I find myself lost for words.

I discovered this almost microscopic way of looking at things, while looking at pictures I’d taken on my touchscreen phone. It was a dull, grey afternoon when I went out for a walk and I found myself taking close-up photos of fallen leaves that were the brightest and most beautiful thing I’d seen all day. Later that evening I was browsing through the pictures and started to zoom right in and crawl around as though I were an ant clambering about on the forest floor – although something about the way you can move through the image makes it feel more like swimming underwater, sinking into the unexplored wonders of a coral reef, and marveling at things you’ve never seen before. It’s best done on a phone – I’ve tried it out on bigger screens, but something about the smaller size and the way that you’re using your fingers to navigate makes it more intense and magical. Shots taken using a macro setting at high-resolution work best because you can dive deep and still see details in crisp focus, but blurry images are equally fascinating – sometimes more so.


I’m collecting images now, to sink into and explore in this way. Images that don’t need words, that are better off without them. As the days grow shorter and we have long evenings and dark afternoons, I will be gazing into new and extraordinary worlds, losing myself in landscapes that draw me in to go deeper, to sink further, to forget everything else…..


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