Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit


Even the shortest walk is better when I wear these boots.

I go out every day and never walk far, mostly on pavements and footpaths though I do go off-roading a bit in the park and scramble up grassy banks and through patches of woodland. And there are cobbled streets here too, which are much easier to stride out on if you’re wearing boots. I like the way they make walking anywhere seem easier, so I have a more go-anywhere sort of a feeling. And I enjoy sitting down at the doorstep to put them on and lace them up, pulling and hooking and tying, a satisfying process that takes so much longer than putting on any other pair of shoes. It reminds me of saddling a horse.

So many things we do these days are accomplished at speed and are almost effortless. I value the few things I do every day that take a little extra time and have to be done slowly, with thought. These boots were made by the Brasher Boot Company in England and belonged to my mother; they’re at least 20 years old and had already walked a great many miles before I inherited them. They have been loved and cared for.

I hope I will still be walking in them for years to come.


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