In my wanderings with or without a camera, my attention will always be caught by something different, something I may not understand or recognise, something that is definitely one of a kind. In decaying and derelict buildings, in the old, disused factories and textile mills that are common around here there are sights that could keep me absorbed all day, and if it hadn’t been for the damp chill in the air that eventually numbed my fingers so badly I couldn’t go on operating the camera, I would have stayed on longer at this old warehouse finding more and more to enjoy.

This object fascinated me. I suppose I can guess at what its function must once have been, but in its rusted and broken state it’s now a thing of mystery and beauty, as if it has developed a quirky new identity all of its own. What that might be I couldn’t say, but I stood there for some time wondering at it and liking it, and took its photograph so that I could go on pondering its strangeness. I like the way that time and the elements will change almost anything into something else, and make even something that once was commonplace and unremarkable when new, into something rich and strange. There is so much to wonder at.


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