Some days when there’s too much to do it’s hard to know where to begin; I’ve known whole weeks like that, or even whole months. The long lists of things to be done, the thought of situations or problems that need to be faced and then tackled. But the only place to start is at the beginning.

As I watched the sun break over the horizon this morning and wash the skyline with a flood of pale gold, for a few minutes I was nowhere else but there, at the start of the day, just where I needed to be.

2014 started with a rush of things to do, not helped by the loss of computer files and folders not all backed up (food for thought as new year’s resolutions go). Last night I dreamt I was in a house that was under attack by rifle fire; at an upstairs window I was preparing for the next assault and trying to decide whether I should hide behind the net curtains or tear them down so I could see better to shoot. This is not the sort of thing I often dream about. I woke up confused.

I have a lovely app on my phone called the Mindfulness Bell. First thing in the morning, before I’ve had time even to look at the sunrise, I summon up the app, collect myself for a moment and then tap the screen to listen to the sound of it while gazing at the image of the golden Buddhist singing bowl. Because you tap the screen to wake the bell it feels a little more like the real thing, and as the sound of it reverberates through me and out into the room it brings me stillness, the sort of stillness from where I know I can make a good start. Everything starts at the beginning.



2 thoughts on “Beginnings

    1. Thank you Susan! How beautifully put, ‘No bullets flying from your house, only the sound of sweet peace…’
      Fortunately I never actually started shooting in my dream, only felt I had to prepare – not sure that I felt that when it came to it I’d be able. That would have been really alarming.
      Peace and stillness to you this morning.

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