Going Back For More

Today we had sunshine as well, and although I didn’t manage to photograph it there was an enormous bumble bee burrowing headfirst into the flowers. First crocuses, and now bees and sunshine. I know it won’t last because that’s how it is; spring comes in fits and starts, but this was the first real taste of what will come and everyone feels the happier for it – every walker in the park today was quick to smile. In the lime trees a song thrush was belting out a glorious improvisation of cascading trills and melodies, and repeating each bit of song (which is what I’ve since learnt that song thrushes do) as if for the sheer enjoyment of it.

On days like this it’s better not to think, not to try to put anything into words, but just to look and listen and feel, to soak it all in and be refreshed and replenished. And I had to share these too.






7 thoughts on “Going Back For More

  1. Oh, what beautiful photos. They make me drunk with jealousy. Tomorrow it is supposed to finally creep up past freezing. Here’s hoping March does indeed go out like a lamb.

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely words!
      (And I’m not sure of the etiquette either but thanks for the courtesy and you are always, always welcome).

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