I Remembered To Plant Daffodils


Last November I remembered to plant daffodil bulbs, and almost a month ago now, up they came, and flowered. I’m a hopeless gardener; I amost never plan, and when I do I often get it wrong and plant things in totally the wrong places, but I always get excited when I see green shoots appearing from beneath bare earth and it always seems miraculous.

The daffodils stand amongst a sea of wild celandines which arrive unbidden and cover every inch of open soil, but I can’t bear to tear them out; I welcome them every bit as much as the plants I put in myself and I’m grateful that they feel at home.


The flowers open and close again during the course of the day as warmth and sunlight reaches them in the morning and then fades away in the evening. Opening, closing; one of the natural cycles that is easy to see. I watch them from the kitchen  window as I stand washing dishes, and gaze down on them from the bedroom window first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Qigong is all about opening and closing, too; the movements are circular, everything flows. I have taken to practising Tai Chi in the garden.

Mostly I practise just standing, which is not as easy as it sounds but which my body seems to find strangely familiar, as if this is something it already knows how to do and has always known. In fact I’m beginning to suspect that my body knows an awful lot about healing, and even untutored could accomplish miracles if only I would listen to it and let it teach me. It’s so easy to forget but it just needs time, and patience, and the simple matter of paying attention.


8 thoughts on “I Remembered To Plant Daffodils

  1. I should have woken up properly first before reading your last entry, then I would not have gotten things quite so wrong 🙂 I thought your daffodils were doing tai chi in your garden, but then I could not find the daffodils. Anyhow, a cup of coffee later and a re-read I got it right. Beautiful words and lovely photos – but I am still looking out for daffodils. Carina

    1. Thanks for the lovely thought of daffodils doing Tai Chi. That really made me smile. I know the celandines are kind of centre stage in the photos – but the daffs are there in the background, really they are!

  2. Thank you for the color of your photos on this chilly, grey, Edmonton morning, where there is new snow on the ground and spring seems to have snubbed us. Enjoyed the opening/closing theme between flowers and your Tai Chi pracitce. I’ll try to remember that as I trudge off to work today,

    1. Oh dear, grey, chilly, and you trudging – I get the picture only too well. Spring can seem so far off on days like these. We’ve had a fair few like that here too, but now and again you get the feeling that it’s really on its way. I wish you the thought of sunshine and blue skies in chilly Edmonton!

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