Work Of Art


The world is full of the most amazing things that sit waiting to be seen, to be discovered, to be known and wondered at. How many times have I walked by and missed something special by not paying attention? 

To see something and to do more than just notice it  –  to let it fill your whole consciousness for a moment and then to know with a kind of urgency that this just has to be recorded, expressed, shared – this is making a work of art.

Instructions For Living A Life:

Pay Attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.

Mary Oliver


6 thoughts on “Work Of Art

  1. What a lovely way to start my day, with a Mary Oliver poem. I’ve always loved her work. I’m going to share the poem, and a shout out to you, on my own blog.


    1. Thanks Pam! Glad to have given you a good start to the day. I actually discovered Mary Oliver’s poems through WordPress and they really speak to me, as they do to thousands (and probably millions) – worth shouting about!

  2. Love this! So true, whether you are an artist, a poet, an author or a comedian. Observation, delighting in the detail and expressing it so others can glimpse it too… Mary Oliver is so right (and succinct!)

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