It’s not speaking, but listening, that leads to dialogue.

I never go out with the clear intention of taking photographs. I wander about. I look, and listen, and try not to think.

I never know when, or often even why I’ll get my camera out; I try not to think about that at all. I only take pictures when suddenly I know that I must.

2 thoughts on “Dialogue

  1. It sounds like you have a strong intuition, and really follow it. A challenge, when it’s so easy to just take lots and lots of photos. I really like the two pairs you share here, they do “listen” to each other, although being different.

    1. Perhaps because I’ve been taking photographs for a very long time, long before digital cameras, I still have something of that slow, selective attitude in me! I’m glad you liked the way these images work together. I like the way they talk to each other too!

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