Darkness to Light: New Beginnings


The year is creeping towards an end and a new one is about to begin, and even if it’s too early to feel it yet the days here are already lengthening and getting lighter. When I took this picture the other day I thought it looked like two seasons in one shot – a transformation from darkness to light and the promise of things to come.

This blog has just turned 3 years old (something WordPress had to remind me about as I don’t remember this sort of thing) and I’m grateful every day for the extraordinary assortment of writers and artists who make up the community and who I read and follow, and to everyone who reads and follows and contrbutes to this blog. Happy New Year to you all!

I wish you all a year filled with warmth and light – may it mean peace and true happiness, and the promise of a new beginning.


7 thoughts on “Darkness to Light: New Beginnings

  1. Happy New Year to you. As you may know, I don’t recognize the year as beginning at January 1, as there is no seasonal or astronomical indicator to justify it, only the whim of a distant Caesar–but I have enough respect for the sentiments of most of humanity in this regard, and wish them all the best.

    1. Thanks, and even if it is only at the whim of a distant Caeser, I’m glad we have a shared inclination once a year to all wish each other well and to look forward together. Thanks for joining in!

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