A Change Of Theme

This is the time of year when change seems to be in the air. Movement. Thoughts of travel, of seeing or doing something new….and if I can’t have a change of scene, then maybe it’s time I tried a change of theme. wpid-rps20150226_155758.jpg

To be honest I’ve been thinking about this for quite a time and haven’t got round to doing anything about it. These days I do almost all my writing and posting on either a smartphone or a tablet, and only use the computer for more complex editing or formatting. I read other blogs in the WordPress reader and mostly on my phone, so I realise I’m missing out on quite a lot of content that’s formatted for a computer screen but that’s just how it goes.

Anyway, I like the clean fresh look of this new theme, which is called Sketch (and since I seem to be posting more and more drawings these days it sounds appropriate). I’ve used the Oulipo theme since I started Invisible Horse over three years ago and I still like it a lot, but one of the advantages of Sketch is the large, open, clear font (my ageing eyes appreciate this sort of refinement more and more these days) – and it looks good on a phone and a tablet as well as a computer.


Sketch is the theme used by Karen McRae for her blog Draw And Shoot – she uses it so effectively to present her stunning photography and I’ve always admired her posts for their beauty as well as their content.

I confess I haven’t spent hours carefully working out how the whole new theme will work. There are one or two things I seem to have lost, one being the tagline beneath the title Invisible Horse which should read ‘Living In The Moment’ – and I can’t decide whether this really matters to me or not. (If anyone can tell me whether this should be appearing and isn’t, and how to make it visible, I’d be grateful).

Please let me know me if you think this is an improvement or a backward step!





5 thoughts on “A Change Of Theme

  1. It’s as fresh as spring air–clear and clean. And that sky photo with all the jet trails is incredible. On computer screen, this layout/theme really emphasizes your photos and sketches–they stand out more than on the old theme. Which is great–I especially love your drawings and to have them larger and clearer is a definite plus. Congratulations on blog spring cleaning–you’ll probably inspire many of us to do the same!

    1. Thanks – I’m really glad you think it works. I’m doing a bit more tweaking and sorting but I think I like it. It’s so helpful to get this sort of feedback! Hope you enjoy any spring cleaning you do (blogwise or otherwise).

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