We’re not there yet, not quite. But for me this is the reward for waiting through the long bare winter. Already there are signs; tiny buds that haven’t opened yet. When each one of these breaks open and shows the tiniest amount of green leaf, the whole landscape will change. A shading, a mist of green, the subtlest glaze that will deepen and strengthen every day.

Here, this year, it will come early. We haven’t long to wait.

Weekly photo challenge: Reward

14 thoughts on “Reward

  1. Here in the Great American Midwest we are currently covered in our biggest snowfall of the season. It’s hard to even think of spring yet.

    1. I realised this, as I was writing. We’ve had next to no snow or even hard frosts here this year and the winter has been grey, more than anything. This picture is from my archives – we’re still a fair way off seeing leaves like this – but I felt I wanted to remember the feeling of standing under those trees and watching Spring unfold.
      I hope you’re bearing the harsh winter you’re having without too much hardship. It must feel endless. May things warm up soon.

    1. That’s good to know! Are you looking at it on a computer? Or on a phone ora tablet? This was one thing I wanted to sort out – some themes are better across all devices than others. Thanks – I really appreciate the feedback. DG.

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