I had no idea that I’d even be able to see yesterday’s eclipse of the sun. It was cloudy and I hadn’t prepared for it in any way, so when it started to get dark and I looked out of the window I was astonished to see that the clouds had parted a bit, just where the sun and the moon were doing their thing……so I grabbed my phone and took a picture. The even more astonishing thing is that an image actually came out. Grainy, indistinct, a terrible photograph, but it’s there – and it lives more vividly for me now. I’ll remember it better, and remember how excited I felt.

A small piece of magic.


2 thoughts on “Eclipse

    1. Interesting, this. Several people have remarked on how it looks like a painting and I think I have to agree. I like the way the boundaries between photography and painting can get blurred. Thanks for contributing!

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