Something about this time of year makes me genuinely want to clean and tidy up. Sweep away the cobwebs – both real ones and the ones in my head – and let in more light by washing windows. It feels good to be able to watch the sun burst through clouds and light up daffodils in the garden without having to peer through smears and rain stains on the glass door.


I recently did a bit of spring cleaning here on this blog and changed the theme; now I’ve done what was long overdue and re-written my About page – but until today I’d only edited the original and left it as it stood, with all the existing likes and comments. That doesn’t feel quite right, for a re-write, so now I’m publishing it all over again. I want to say thanks to all of you who left such appreciative remarks and gave me a ‘thumbs up’ the first time round; most of you I now read and follow myself and it’s a delight to enjoy such good company.

I hope that wherever you are, Spring comes quickly and brings you warmth, sunshine and flowers (and perhaps even the inclination to take a long, deep breath, get out the feather-duster, and rediscover the joys of spring-cleaning!)



6 thoughts on “Springclean

  1. Spring always shows off all those dust motes well doesn’t it? I certainly felt in the mood for spring cleaning once the sun started coming in again. Beautiful photos by the way, so many crocuses!

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