Setting A Trap For The Moon


I’m going to
set a trap
for the moon;
catch it
and hold it
just for a moment
and then set it free –
just for the joy
of letting it go
and watching it fly.

I’m going to
lie in wait
with my snares
and my lines,
watch it approach,
then snap! and I’ll have it
there in my hand.
Oh! What a wonderful
thing it will be!
One second to touch it,
to feel it, to know it,
to greet and salute it
and then –
set it free.
Oh! What a wonderful,
thing it will be.

4 thoughts on “Setting A Trap For The Moon

  1. I like it lots. It makes me happy and snappy and bouncy – there’s something very right about the writing – I don’t know how to put it into words – clean and well-formed – emotionally consistent – a happy thing with strong lines and shapes

    1. Wow! What an endorsement! I have to say that it kind of wrote itself, when I looked at the photo I’d taken earlier. Which is, I realise, one of the reasons I go around taking photos – so that occasionally this kind of thing happens. Fun! Thanks so much – and really glad you liked it.

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