Colour Catcher


Every day a little more colour.


Every moment, change – clouds part suddenly and then close in again; the afternoon draws in. The hour before dusk is a slow gathering of shadows and a ripening of glowing colour.


I soak it all in. I stand about under the trees and look up, head back, gazing up through the canopy and the next moment I’m crouching down, with leaves rustling like paper bags and the smell of damp earth under me.


Closer and closer. To get lost in it all, to forget everything else and sink into this colour, this hour, this moment that will never come again.

10 thoughts on “Colour Catcher

  1. ‘ . . . this moment that will never come again.’ See, this is one of the thoughts I always come back to. Does this moment come again? Are all things cyclical? Do we wait each year to experience once again those special moments held in each season, or is each moment unique? Whatever the answer, I know one thing–we definitely lose out if we don’t take the time to ‘sink into’ the moments.

    1. This merits a great deal of thought and it’s something I ponder too. I feel that I’m talking about my experience of the moment, and so since I will never be the same, exactly, from one moment to the next, and because everything in fact DOES change on a molecular level all the time – then yes, for me anyway, every moment is unique. Not well expressed but I think you’ll get my drift!

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