Yellow Carpet Treatment

All of a sudden, overnight, the ceiling has become the floor.

I found myself astonished the way I am by snow – a sudden transformation in great sweeps of colour. Overnight rain brought leaves down in their thousands, and because there was almost no wind they came straight down, falling quietly and settling one on top of another until all the grass and tarmac disappeared and every inch under the trees was carpeted. This –


became this –


Under the lime trees I was treading on a multi coloured carpet of every kind of yellow and gold, merging into a glow of russet red under the copper beech.


Every leaf is a small marvel. I crouched down to explore more closely and then glanced up to see this –


What more to say? I walked around everywhere smiling, up banks and over lawns normally slippery with mud and wet grass, feeling soft leathery leaves under my feet. No paths visible – just great swathes of colour, undulating waves of copper and gold.

Tomorrow the yellow will have faded a little, and the next day more, and the gold will lose its glow; but because I was there today I saw it, and was amazed.


4 thoughts on “Yellow Carpet Treatment

    1. Actually I don’t live in the country so much as on the edge of town – and almost all my walks are in the park very near my home, (in West Yorkshire) which luckily has some wonderful trees. I love the sound of your urban arboretum!

  1. Far away, our neighborhood’s golden leaves behaved much the same, though here it is maple trees rather than lime. Every minute of sun pulls me to the window, or outdoors to walk and look at the light on leaves. Enjoy yours as I’ll enjoy mine—and it’s extra delicious to picture us picturing each other doing just that!

    1. I’m smiling because the other day I thought of you as I watched our elderly cat come and sit hopefully by her plate in the kichen less than an hour after being fed. This happens frequently (age catches up with all of us) and now I think of you, your cat and your lovely poem every time. There, that’s got me smiling again!

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