Going With The Flow

Anyone following my posts for the last few weeks will know I’m in the middle of exploring drawing and fear – but I felt I needed a break so this is a brief detour for a short exploration of something else. Like most artists I love playing with new materials and exploring what they can do, and I just had the chance to try out some new permanent inks for fountain pens……


Whatever you do in life, well designed tools and materials that are responsive make you happy. And when you combine a certain amount of skill with the right tools and a relaxed attentive state of mind, what you get is flow.


Anyway for anyone who sketches in ink and watercolour these new inks by Rohrer and Klingner are worth exploring, so if you’re a bit of an art materials addict or just rather fond of drawing with a fountain pen (so much better than using a fineliner) – you may be interested in a really in-depth review of how they perform that I’ve written here.

So that was my brief technical break; normal posting will resume shortly!


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