Drawing Today, Remembering Tomorrow


Sometimes drawing the everyday is not at all an every day thing. When you know something is going to happen, when there’s a goodbye to be said.


Polly was only with us for a little over a year but she was more than 20 years old; she was mostly well, just increasingly stiff, a bit deaf, only able to eat a little at a time. And during that time she was gradually more conversational (she had a range of sounds that steadily expanded as well as a very expressive silent miaow for talking face to face at close quarters) and increasingly more loving. From above she looked like a bundle of autumn leaves. Underneath she was creamy white, silky soft, and she had the smallest little round front paws on any cat I’ve ever seen. She was gentle, polite, determined, and as time wore on a bit absent minded.


Old age catches up. Eventually there was more pain from arthritis, and then other failings. It’s so hard to know when it’s time to say enough is enough, but when the suffering gets to a certain point you know the time has come to let go.


Yesterday was that day. The rest of the day was full of sadness and the days to come will still feel empty and strange. I find myself still speaking her name and expecting to see her when I open a door or come into a room. Her chair is empty. Her dishes all put away, the litter tray gone, her basket packed up and hidden in the garage. Tears come suddenly at unexpected moments when I know her to be gone. Once again we are going through the pain of losing a friend, a special companion, a small creature who came to us because she wanted to and decided to stay. We loved her, and we won’t forget.
Love never stops.


19 thoughts on “Drawing Today, Remembering Tomorrow

  1. Such a poignant post. Your drawings are a wonderful memorial to your cat. She looks like a tortoiseshell, many years ago I had a tortoiseshell cat called Lily, so much character and never forgotten. Love never does stop.

  2. Oh this is so hard. Your sketches of Polly are beautiful and tender! My heart goes out to you! The love for our four legged friends never ends.

  3. Oh. Behind on blog reading because I’ve been away. Sad and lovely post. You draw the whole demeanor of an old cat so perfectly. I’ve got one myself, and his fur looks bedraggled and worn and warm, just as you drew Polly.

    1. Thanks for that. You have the gift of catching the essence of things in words, and now and again it seems I manage it in drawings. It seems to happen when thoughts don’t get in the way. My heartfelt love to you and to your cat. (Treasure every moment.)

  4. Just returned from a trip abroad so I only read this today and was so sorry to hear about Polly. The drawings are exquisite and show her completely at peace in your home. And every word you write about her loss rings true. Lots of love.

  5. So sorry for your loss, she was very special, from your description that is so apparent. Your sketches really do capture her soft gentle nature. All cats are special, but old ones ( I have had many elderly rescue ones) really do give something to the home, and of course you gave her such comfort in that year, the best gift. So pleased I stumbled upon your blog, you have a true talent in your sketches, your blog, from what I have read so far, has a very calming aura….I don’t know how or why? But it does, so I thank you for that. Love your blog name, living in the new forest, I remember pretending that my fav wild pony was my very own, and named it…..merrylegs!

  6. Your sweet girl looks so much like ours, who we lost to kidney disease in September. I’m so sorry for your loss. Your posts are so poignant and alive and real. Fantastic artwork too. So happy to know you, and thanks so much for liking my bluebird today. Really looking forward to your updates. I’ll be back to daily postings once my busy season at work subsides. Peace to you. 💜

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