A Bird Out Of Hand


Today is another one of those National Days in the USA – and one I didn’t want to miss – National Draw a Bird Day. But since I’m having a bad day myself and have had to spend most of it in bed, drawing from life wasn’t an option. Cliffe Castle museum is where I would have headed, as usual. I had it in mind to sketch the Passenger Pigeon which would have been appropriate, being American and being extinct (I thought I’d use the opportunity to celebrate it and mourn it at the same time) but it’s not an easy specimen to draw as it’s kept in an especially gloomy light to conserve it, and it’s such a sad bird anyway because of its sensitive looks and its extinctness that up to now I haven’t been able to being myself to draw it.

I settled for sketching from a photo, something I find extremely difficult (Charlie O’Shields is so good at this!) and since drawing a bird in flight from life is practically impossible I thought I might as well try a full-wing-stretch caught-in-mid-air kind of thing. Sigh! Sadly it looks less lively than the dead stuffed birds I sketch in the museum. Oh well. I’m glad to have been able to join in!


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