The Blessings Of A Building Site


I do love a building site. Perhaps it’s that I enjoy watching people at work, and because it’s the next best thing to doing it myself. I like tools, and how they’re handled. I like watching how things unfold and change, and I really like mechanical diggers – especially the small ones that are quite nippy.

The restoration project in the grounds of Cliffe Castle is under way, and I’m up there whenever I can. It’s a blessing, because it’s so absorbing and interesting and it takes my mind off the horrible mess the country is in and is creating something good.

I’m going to try to post regular bulletins with drawings on my other site, here – because the story will run and run. It’s going to be a long process. And no doubt I’ll be writing about it here as well – because it’s such a blessing, and we could all do with such things. Here’s to all such projects, wherever and whatever – and may we continue to value our arts and our heritage enough to continue to find funding for them.


7 thoughts on “The Blessings Of A Building Site

  1. I too love construction sites to watch and to photograph. I understand getting completely absorbed in my “art” when I’m out with my camera. All my cares and woes just disappear. I’m happy you are doing this series.

    1. Thanks David. I follow Liz Steel’s blog and she’s always saying ’embrace the wonkiness’! Not exactly that I’m aiming for it, but speed was of the essence. 😊

  2. I’ll follow this series for shure! In the last year I tried do improve my ability to sketch people in the park or cafe but I didn’t dare so sketch men (or women) at work. Perhaps time tochange that:-)

    1. I have been keeping a look out for women at work on the site and so far haven’t spotted any. It’ll be interesting to see if some do appear at any stage. And you’re right – the only way to improve is with practice so I hope my people drawing skills will do just that!

      1. Yesterday I passed a place where several people were working together and building up a very big tent, two women among them. And I had no time to stop and sketch! But you are right, on a real construction site you hardly find women. Your people are already very good!

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