Spanish Solutions

(I’m trying to practise my rusty Spanish. Don’t be alarmed; a translation follows. My idea is to write posts in both languages from time to time.) 

No hago propósitos del nuevo año. No tengo suficiente energía ni voluntad, asi prefiero proponerse intenciones, (evidentemente algo diferente) y este año tengo dos: practicar español cuando y en cualquier manera que pueda y hacer más dibujos. Pensé hacer los dos a la vez – publicar aqui de vez en cuando bocetos de mi cuaderno y escribir en ambos lenguas, español y inglés. 

Bien, este dibujo – es una raíz enredada que fueron la única cosa en el parque cuando estaba allí otro día haciendo bocetos que tenía colores cálidos, o por lo menos más cálido que lo demás del paisaje de invierno. 

Me gusta intentar usar una lengua otra que la mía. Aunque que me cuesta bastante, una ventaja es que tengo que pensar sencillamente, siempre una cosa buena. 

Gracias a quienquiera que sea leyendo! 


I don’t make new year’s resolutions. I don’t have the strength or determination so I prefer to have intentions (obviously something quite different) and this year I have two; to practise Spanish whenever and however I can and to do more drawing. I thought I’d do both at the same time – publish sketchbook drawings here from time to time and write in both Spanish and English. 

So, this drawing is of a tangled root that that was the only thing in the park the other day when I was there sketching that had warm colours, or at least colours that were warmer than the rest of the winter landscape. 

I like trying to use a language other than my own. Although it’s quite an effort one advantage is that I have to think simply, which is always a good thing. 

Thanks to whoever may be reading this! 


Writing (or trying to write) precisely the same thing in two languages when you’re nowhere near fluent in the one that’s not your own is very much harder than I’d – stupidly – thought it would be. I may have to give up this idea and do an approximate and relaxed translation. Besides which I obviously think differently in English (because I can) and trying to say exactly the same thing has made me write in an odd way that I don’t quite recognise. Oh well. A work in progress. 

8 thoughts on “Spanish Solutions

    1. Thanks Cate – what lovely little emoticon graphics! Makes me think of sign language. I don’t know if I’ll manage to do this kind of post with any regularity but I’m going to give it a try. ☺️

    1. I wasn’t being entirely disingenuous Tom, I actually have been drawing less recently and I need to get back to a daily practice. Not sure where I’m going to get the energy or the time for all these intentions but it’s giving me a focus, if nothing else!

  1. Well done for being brave and doing your post in English and Spanish. My husband is going to be learning Spanish at night school and I will be sharing your blog with him. Love the drawing of the tangled roots, so beautiful.

    1. Thank you! Hope your husband enjoys his Spanish classes and it’s a great incentive to me to think someone will be reading my occasional Spanish posts – it’ll help me to try to keep it up. ☺️

  2. Hi, let me tell you that I read the Spanish post first an then the English one and for my understanding they do say
    exactly the same – at least I understand it that way. My Spanish and my English are about on the same level so I
    daresay I can judge it 😉
    And b.t.w. I really like your sketches. I had a similar experience with one time sketching to my own contentment and
    another time or even period I think I’m doing absolute rubbish, but I realized that this happens when I’m getting bored
    of something.

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