One Wobbly Challenge: #OneWeek100People2017 

If you haven’t heard of the sketching event #OneWeek100People2017 that’s going on all over the world this week, have a look at Marc Taro Holmes’ blog Citizen Sketcher. His drawings of people in motion – or people of any kind doing just about anything or nothing – are completely wonderful and inspirational. 

I’m sort of trying to do this challenge myself, though I should have known that saying I’d do it would be a bit ridiculous and sure enough, my health threw a wobbly and hasn’t let me do anywhere near as much drawing as I’d hoped, and certainly not 20 people a day!  

Schoolboys in Cliffe Castle Park

But it’s a lot of fun. It’s great looking at what other people are posting online, and it’s really fun, drawing people in a sort of mad loose way and just enjoying it without worrying much about the outcome. Something to do a lot more of – whether I complete the challenge or not. And who cares – that’s not what it’s really about anyway. It’s all about having fun! 


3 thoughts on “One Wobbly Challenge: #OneWeek100People2017 

  1. I love the grouping of the figures in the sketch on the upper left of the school boys. I keep waiting for them to topple off the bottom of the page. Great work and I hope you are feeling better.

    1. Thanks Cate! These little groups of boys are wonderful to draw and pretty difficult too, because they’re never still – but that’s what makes it such fun. They make such unpredictable movements and gestures, unlike groups of adults. I know, they do look like they’re topping off the page! And thanks for your good wishes. ☺️

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