Letters for the twelve months to come

Small white feather fallen on dry leaves


Standing at the doorway of a new year and just about to put a foot forwards, I realise there are certain words that I wish for myself during the journey through the next twelve months. Pausing and reflecting (a good time to do this, today, with a pale grey light in the window and the sound of rain on the glass) I know there are things I want to embrace and other things that I want to let go. These are not resolutions exactly, nor even intentions – they’re more in the way of senses, feelings, perhaps ways of being, and to write about them or try to explain them in anything more than a whisper would be to bring them under a harsh spotlight that will not help me remember them any better.

I don’t set goals. But I like the idea of way-markers, or torches to light a gloomy bit of path, or firesides to come home to. 

So here for the next few days I’ll share a handful of these – whatever you like to call them. They’re like one-word letters addressed to myself, to carry with me on the next bit of the journey, and at the end of the year I’ll be able to spread them out and look at them, and gaze at the way I’ve come, and ponder…. 

4 thoughts on “Letters for the twelve months to come

    1. I’m happy that this resonates! I feel I’ve been saying too much lately without saying much of anything at all (though not here on this blog) and I need to get back to the heart of things. Though whether I manage to do it with just one word is doubtful! So good to hear from you. Happy New Year.

  1. This beautiful post resonates far more than many other first-of-the-year posts I’ve read. Feeling our way quietly…that’s the way to do it. Best of 2018 to you, may you live creatively, through and through. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much. First of year posts are tricky things; these that I’m writing are important to me, so perhaps worth sharing and I’m glad that so far they’ve meant something to you as well! May the year be full and happy in every way for you too.

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