Empty bench, afternoon sun, January, Cliffe Castle Park

In a few moments
the shadows will be longer.
someone will walk by,
or not;
perhaps a robin
a flash of tawny feathers
a splash of russet red
will loop suddenly
into the picture,
and perch. Perhaps,
perhaps not.
In a minute or two
warmed by the sun
maybe my shoulders won’t ache,
and my mind will be clear.
But my nose may be cold,
and my fingers, and
I’ll remember there’s tea
and chocolate cake,
and all my thoughts
in the space of a moment
changed, changed.

9 thoughts on “Wait

  1. Wow, I feel like you’ve captured my life, my thoughts. It’s just like that, isn’t it? Our thoughts as fleeting and fickle as the possibility of a robin entering the space in front of us. Shoulders aching, chocolate cake, that’s life.

    1. I guess it really is the same for all of us, perhaps? I find that very comforting. I’m beginning to learn more about the pleasure and the pain that’s present in every single moment But thank you so much for telling me it’s like that for you! That means a lot. I love the sense of connection!

      1. For me, I think this kind of awareness only comes into my consciousness because of years of sitting meditation. Even though I’m not sitting now, a lot of it “stuck” in a good way! I love the way you knit together the interior thoughts here with the exterior images, and the rhythm too, is very much like the rhythm of life, and of thought.

    1. Your English is fine – I’m afraid my Italian is non-existent so I had to use GoogleTranslate to read your posts, which gives rather strange results but means I can understand and appreciate what you’ve written, as well as looking at your lovely drawings. I look forward to following your blog!

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