Spell To Dispel Fears

Take it lightly, lightly,
weightless as a cloud, drifting
apricot white in a pale blue sky.
Say these words. Speak them out loud.

Soothe the old lizard darkly crouching.
Let her bask in the warmth of the sun.
These are old fears, not new ones
come to haunt you, to trick you.

Listen. Listen; outside,
a fluttering of wings
and a blackbird, singing.

7 thoughts on “Spell To Dispel Fears

  1. I love this, the old fears seen as an old lizard darkly crouching – reminds me of the reptilian brain – always good to be reminded that so many fears are like that. That we could be taking things more lightly, and that listening, paying attention to the world around us, may be just the ticket to letting the fears fade. .

    1. That’s her – the old lizard brain! Glad you got the connection – I’d even tagged the post ‘amygdala’. Such a beautiful name for such a dark thing – I think of her as a dragon really. It helps, somehow, to personify! I love your comment because it’s exactly how the poem came into being and just how it felt. XXXXXX D.

  2. Oh lovely. This whole series of these last four poems and photos are so evocative. This one especially created a deep connection in me-maybe that old lizard brain heard it! Been away from reading online for a while. Your posts are exactly what I miss when I go offline. I so enjoy reading what you write and thinking of this unusual way of long distance communication we keep touching on.

    1. So good to hear from you! I’d been wondering how you are….
      That old lizard is so entrenched. But less threatening now I’m more acquainted with her. I’ve been listening to some wonderful podcasts lately by Richard Rohr (maybe you know of him) and it’s so good to hear him laugh in a wry and compassionate way about things like this. Do hope all things are well with you. It’s so good to be long distance connected!

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