Every Leaf Tells A Story

Leaves fall in their thousands,
possibly their millions;
a landscape lit from below
like golden snow.

And as I stand and gaze, slowly
breathing golden air,
enter (stage left), a man
with dog.

‘Autumn leaves!’ he says
and ‘wonderful’ I reply,
watching the dog
nose down, pulling at the leash.

‘Ah, wonderful, except’ –
(and here he smiles)
‘he has to sniff

It’s been a while since I posted here and it feels good to be back. I’ve been drawing and writing and posting on my other blog but I’ve slipped out of the habit of slowing down and being more reflective, so I hope to put this right.

It’s not that I haven’t been noticing things – but more perhaps that I haven’t been giving them enough space. And having a place to put thoughts like this is like having a quiet garden set aside, to sit in and not to think, and just to let things grow. It’s a good season for change.

12 thoughts on “Every Leaf Tells A Story

    1. This has caught a couple of people out and honestly, I didn’t realise I was being confusing or mysterious – turns out there are several people who knew both blogs and hadn’t put them together. Thanks for following me on both!
      It’s great to see you as well on Instagram (which is quite new for me – @deborahrehmat). So many places to meet! (how’s the trigger thumbs/carpal tunnel and other stuff going?) D.

      1. Yes I’ve just found you on Instagram! Despite changes, I do find Instagram quite a good site.

        I’m seeing a chiropractor which is helping – also working on some neck problems I’ve had for ages. And I will be getting physio soon too. It’s all go 😂

  1. What a wonderful post….the first photo would have been enough; it’s beautiful, and very sensitive. But the poem, it
    s terrific, and then the illustration! And another photo! Beautiful work, and it fits the season to a “T.” 🙂

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