The world of the Invisible Horse runs parallel to my own.

In my world I’m often fearful, muddled and unbalanced, easily shaken, indecisive. I am not how I would like to be. Most of the time I’m not centered, calm and full of love; most of the time I’m not what I feel I could be. But in this other world (when I can get there) I am connected, calm, and whole, in harmony with myself and everything around me. Getting to this world is not complicated but it involves making a choice – to be in the present moment, fully aware, and paying attention. And to let go of everything else.


When I was a child, long before I actually learned to ride, I used to spend a lot of time riding an invisible horse. Perhaps the games we play as children never really go away; perhaps we forget them or turn away from them at our peril, and maybe we understood things then that we need to rediscover.

‘Magic is where you find it, the only thing that matters is that you take the time to look for it’.
Tom Ryan: Following Atticus

Walking, writing, taking photographs – and above all, drawing – are all reliable ways for me to find my way home to myself (and the world of the invisible horse) and these are the things that mostly find their way into posts on this blog.image

Being anonymous is of course another form of being invisible and although I’m not really trying to hide, it gives me the freedom to write in a way I couldn’t otherwise. I use the name Dapplegrey, which was the colour of a small pony I used to look after 45 years ago; now it’s the colour of my hair.

Finally, there’s the invisibility that comes from living with ME, or chronic fatigue syndrome, which I’ve had for almost 30 years. I don’t talk or write about this much but it’s a part of what and how I am, and it means that as far as the wider world is concerned, I sometimes seem to disappear.

One last thing – all the content on this blog, unless I attribute it otherwise, is my own. So please, if you want to use anything, do ask first. I’ll be happy to say yes.

dapplegrey00 at yahoo dot com

10 thoughts on “About

    1. Aha! Another one of us! I hope there are many many children doing the the same thing today and long may it continue. Good to know we share similar memories.

  1. We used to pretend that our bikes were horses! That was a great feeling as we were biking around on small countryside roads. Horses are intelligent and beautiful, and they can bring us farther than our feet can. Stay on your horse!

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